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Terms and conditions


Walk conditions.


-          I reserve the right to terminate a dog walk early in exceptional circumstances. This could be due to extreme weather conditions, a dog becoming ill or injured, a               dog becoming distressed or distressing other dogs.

-          The safety of the dogs in my care are priority at all times and a walk will only be terminated before completion if absolutely necessary.

-          On very hot days I may reduce the walk by 5 -10 minutes to reduce the risk of heatstroke. Each dog will be treated individually and assessed as to how they are              coping.

-          Dogs may get very wet and/or muddy during a walk, they will however be returned towel dried.

-          I am insured with public liability insurance with Pet Business Insurance.


Dog Health and safety.


-          Keeping dogs in my care safe and under control I will be using food as positive reinforcement for good behaviour. Clients must disclose any issue surrounding                 food, whether that be allergies or aggressive behaviour.

-          All dogs must have a collar and tag with the name and address of the owner.

-          All dogs must have received at least one full course of vaccinations.

-          By not informing me to keep a dog on lead on the form clients are agreeing for me to let them off lead.




-          I reserve the right to walk dogs on lead if their behaviour is not considered appropriate off lead.

-          Clients are to disclose any behaviour problems with their dog. This includes fears, anxieties and aggression or reactivity.


Risk of injury.


-          I aim to keep groups of dogs away from other dogs where possible and work hard to ensure group compatibility. I strive to keep group excitement levels low and             do not walk aggressive or over bearing dogs.

-          However, clients must be aware of the risk of dogs being walked in groups as I cannot 100% prevent injury being caused through play, the environment                           (brambles/sticks/stones) nor by a dog getting into a conflict, either with a member of their group of a member of the publics dog.

-          In the event of injury that does not require vet attention I will report to the client and where applicable apply canine first aid.


In the event of an emergency.


-          Customers are required to give an emergency contact number as well as the preferred veterinary practice the pet should be taken to if necessary. If you are away             on holiday it is strongly recommended that you provide the phone number for someone who is easily contactable and who you trust to make a decision on your             behalf. If you cannot be contacted then a voicemail message will be left, a text message and email will also be sent.

-          In an absolute emergency, the pet will be taken to the nearest veterinary practice.

-          In a non-emergency, the pet will be taken to your specified vet.

-          You must agree to pay all vets bills if the pet is injured or falls ill while in our care, unless we are directly responsible for injury or illness. Pet insurance is always               recommended for peace of mind.

-          In the event of a dog going missing clients will be notified and advised to come and help with a search should the dog be missing for longer than 30 minutes.

Visiting times.


-          I will aim to visit or collect your dog within a 60-minute window of the specified time, however working with animals means that unpredictable behaviour can                 cause delays. Also, bad traffic can add to any minor delays.

1-2-1 Training.

-          Due to late payments in the past, with immediate effect, full payment for any 1-2-1 training must be paid before any training takes place. 

-          1-2-1 training will be charged at full price if cancelled up to 48 hours before scheduled appointment.

-          1-2-1 training will be charged at half price if cancelled between 1 week and 48 hours in advance of appointment.

-          No charge for cancelling a 1-2-1 training session 1 week in advance.

-          I will do my best to rearrange a new appointment, however this may be delayed depending on how busy I am.

Training classes.

-         If you book a block of lessons for puppy, young dog or agility classes, your attendance is down to you. If you are unable to attend for any reason, no refund will              be given for that week.

-         If you are attending monthly agility classes your attendance is down to you. I am unable to give a refund for any lessons that you are unable to attend.

-         If I need to cancel a lesson I will give you as much notice as possible and a full refund for that week will be given if you are unable to attend a different class                   that week. 



-          If I arrive at a property after a booking is made and am no longer needed (For e.g. A client is home and has forgotten to cancel) then the full price will be                           charged for the walk or visit.

-          If I arrive to collect a dog and they are sick or unwell I reserve the right to cancel their walk (giving them a chance to toilet) and I reserve the right to charge 50%             of the standard walk fee. I will also contact you to inform you at the time of the visit.

-          If I cannot gain access to a property due to faulty or difficult locks then a no-access fee of £7.00 will be charged. (I do not admit defeat easily!) Clients will be                   notified immediately.

-          If a cancellation is made on the same day as the booking a £5.00 cancellation fee will be charged for dog walking. The fee will be added to the following invoice.

Venue Hire.

-       Use of all equipment is done so at your own risk. Delta agility and dog training takes NO responsibility for any injury caused to anyone (including dogs) whilst                 using the arena and/or equipment

-        All dog poo is to put in a poo bag and taken with you when you leave the arena.

-        No dog is to urinate on any of the equipment. If this does happen you will need to clean the equipment thoroughly.

-        You must report any damage caused to any of the equipment.

-        If you are hiring the arena for business use (for your training classes), you are responsible for all of your clients when they are in the arena. This includes ensuring           that they are using all of the equipment safely and dogs are not urinating on the equipment.

-       The arena is next to horse stables so please ensure that your dog does not scare any of the horses whilst on site, and also please drive carefully to and from the               venue

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