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Autumn/Winter fun show league


Agility fun show league Autumn 2023 - WInter 2024!

This is a chance to gain some competition practice before the new season. If you are planning to start competing for the first time in 2024 or maybe you have a new young dog that would benefit from some competition practice.

These shows will take place at my large indoor arena, once a month between September and February with a final taking place in March!

- There will be a steeplechase and agility run at each G1 -2 event, with Jumping and Agility for G3-5.

- Faults will be given for a pole being knocked down, missed contacts. But refusals and wrong course will just be wasted time and wont eliminate you, but you do need to complete the course in the correct order or you will be given a 20 second time penalty.

- Not for competition (NFC) is allowed if you don't want to qualify for the final in March.

- Toys are permitted to be in your pocket to reward those contacts (NFC only) and you can reward your dog with non crumbly food (NFC only), but all food is to be kept off the arena surface.

- You do not need to attend every month, but the more points you have, the better chance you have qualifying for the final in March!

- There will be four heights (Kennel club standard) and you are allowed to jump lower if you want to. E.G intermediate instead of Large.

- Only one dog will be in the main arena at any time, and all other dogs will either be in your car/van or resting on the hard standing behind the wall in the building.

- Grade 1-2 competition for beginners will be on Sunday mornings each month and a grade 3-5 for those of you that want to have a more competitive edge, as well as getting ready for the new season will be on Saturday afternoons.



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