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Agility Training Classes, 1-2-1's and workshops


I Started learning about the amazing world of agility in 2015 with my rescue boy Cooper. We started out with very low expectations, and I didn't ever plan to compete with Cooper, but with some encouragement, we went to our first competition in April 2017!
Cooper wasn't the easiest dog to train in a sport that is off lead! He had no recall and was a bit of a free spirit!! This didn't stop me wanting to help Cooper become more relaxed and be able to listen to me around huge distractions. We competed until 2021 and had many wins over the years moving us up to Grade 3, but unfortunately Covid took away the chance to go any further and Cooper is now happily retired.

I am now competing with Delta and once again, Covid slowed down the start of our agility journey, but between May 2021 and April 2023 we have moved up to Grade 7 (the highest in the UK), we are competing, and doing well in champ classes. 

In August 2022 we made it to the Novice cup semi-final at the international agility festival and in December 2022 we made it (as a reserve) on to the squad for the IFCS world agility championships that were held in 2023!! In September 2023, Delta and I qualified for a champ final for the first time!! It was our fourth time in a champ class, so I was happy it happened so quickly.

I now have a new puppy, Rocket, he is a male Border Collie and I hope to get to G7/champ with him too as a minimum, with the main targets of Crufts appearances and on the world stage! 

A huge amount of foundation training went into helping Delta be the best that she could be, it wasn't always easy, but the results are definitely worth it now.

If you are looking for something new to do with your dog then please get in touch. My foundation classes are available to any dog over 6 months old, with all use of equipment being age specific and your dog will learn how to get around a course in a safe and positive way.

As agility is an off lead sport, my only rule is that your dog is happy to be around other dogs and can also be called away if needed. If you do have a dog that struggles around other dogs, but you would like to start agility, please contact me about arranging some 1-2-1 sessions. 

My classes are fun and encouraging for both dog and human. If you are interested please email me:

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